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August 20, 2008

I invite you to join my new members only service, Russ Winter’s Actionable. The subscription rate is $69 quarterly. I discuss a little of what the new service is about in a podcast posted at Radio Free Wall Street in the free preview portion of the podcast.

I am going to write when I am inspired, which could be anytime, middle of the night, Sunday morning, ya never know, but set yourself up for e mail alerts. My goal is at least six reports a month of some substance plus regular shorter commentary when necessary. If this project is a success, that could be often. The format will be very similar to this one with a comment box for focused discussion or debate around the Actionable. As the title implies the topics will be around the game theories similar to what I have written about for the last several years, but much more on how to take action, and what it means. This could be anything from how to evaluate your bank safety using the Texas ratio, to actual recommendations along the lines of what I wrote on Monday, to an in depth discussion of option strategies. Or like Tuesday when I gave three indicators (a fourth would be domestic energy substitution equal to 20% of foreign energy imports) to watch in terms of the US economy getting back in balance. I am going to open up another dimension beyond what I was willing to do as an open door free access blogger.

You should know by style I tend to be conservative but what I call conservative may be high risk to your financial advisor and vice versa. I tend to be value oriented, even contrarian or at least outside the box. Especially now it is important to be highly aware of how Berserkers and hedge funds are positioned, which in a word is overtrading and whipsawing. Also if you like to chase Bubbles, rainbows and crowded Sheeple trades then I won’t be your cup of tea, because I tend to be MIA on those plays. If you don’t understand my theories well or how I think, don’t subscribe, it will only frustrate you. But there are also times, and this may be one, when my style could tend to work. For instance, future discounting in this market seems to be especially poor. The food processors and groceries were liquidated on their Mad Maxed earnings reports, and I recommended them (20% lower, see tracker), betting that commodity price relief would create an earning’s surprise later. Of course all suggestions and recommendations need to be weighed and balanced against your own risk profile and amounts you are willing to risk. There are no guarantees, and I mean nada.

The free access Winter Watch site will be used as a general related news drop, and for putting forth new or changed game theory. Nothing actionable will be discussed there, and I will cut back my writings at least by half so as to focus on paying subscribers. Non paying Gente hopefully will still get more than they are paying for, and I really mean a lot more, so I hope you stick around. You are free to use it as an archive or as a chat board. If I spot anything material related to game theory or my topics, I may contribute.

The button below will send you to a secure page where you can become a member of the new service. Subscription management and servicing is handled by the Wall Street Examiner Co. There is a help page on the site where you can retrieve lost passwords, cancel your subscription, or update your account information from a secure form. The processing of your order is handled by PlugNPay Technologies, one of the web’s oldest and most highly respected secure payment gateways. Security and Privacy Policy

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  1. W. Hahn on August 24, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    Access has been cut off to the blog. Would be nice to find an admin link somewhere on the site to find out what’s happened with subscription.

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