The Political Instability Front

February 29, 2012

On the US political instability watch, prominent former Democratic Governor and Senator David Boren endorses Americans Elect.  My candidate Buddy Roemer is seeking its nomination.   Listen to him on bank reform and you will understand my support. I would encourage you to help him. You can enroll as a delegate here (must be registered voter, they check) , there is a tab to support a candidate.   If you are passionate about this, e mail me at, and I will direct you to the campaign. Call me nuts, but since I see a debt ceiling fiasco before the election, there is an outside chance this Party will poll well enough to impact politics for good. I would not rule out a win. 2012=1912.   An online process will choose six finalists in May, each of whom will pick a running mate from another party. And then online voting will conclude in June with a two-person ticket that organizers say will be on the ballot in all 50 states in November. Officials at the group said Monday that they had collected 2.4 million signatures.

Reflecting the lingering Animal Farm psychology in this country and dependence on government, voters still rate Obama 43% good on job performance.  This without a doubt is tenuous.

Interestingly Occupy Wall Street is getting political funding from benefactors to continue protests.

On Europe’s political instability front, Irish voters are going to have the opportunity to weigh in on bankster looting of their country. Perhaps the Irish are going to try and exercise what remains of their democracy before they end up under occupation like Greece.  I suspect the Irish might be people not to be fucked with.  Elsewhere the EU  is going to give the Quislings in Portugal “a good report card”

This is from today’s issue of “Der Spiegel”, a German publication. ”Francois Hollande, the Socialist Party frontrunner for the French presidency, announced a tax plan Monday that would see taxes on the wealthy rise dramatically if he is elected this spring. Speaking on TF1 television, Hollande proposed a 75 percent tax on income over €1 million ($1.34 million), a huge jump from the current top rate of 40 percent.

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