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Winter Actionables Has Moved: A New Site, A New Subscription Offer

March 27, 2013

Dear Subscriber:

My blog has a new home. I’ve moved to WinterActionables.comPlease register at my new site and subscribe to my three-month “Free Trial” offer no later than April 15, 2013. At the end of the three-month “Free Trial” period, automatic billing will begin at the rate of $35 per quarter.

That’s right. I’m rolling back subscription prices to just $35 per quarter! In addition to my regular blog, the new site offers a subscriber Forum that I hope will encourage live discussions. Your subscription will also include four monthly Radio Free Wall Street podcasts, on which I am a panelist and Lee Adler the host. If you are already a full RFWS subscriber, nothing will change for you, and you can continue to access all of the podcasts via WallStreetExaminer as before.

To clarify, if getting more for less doesn’t appeal to you (lol), you are not obligated to continue beyond the “Free Trial” period. You can simply unsubscribe before the trial period ends and you will not be billed.

I will no longer be posting at this site, but there will be some non password protected material available at my new primary site.

- Russ Winter



April 8, 2013

Differentiation Among Commodities Bullish for Precious Metals Producers available gratis at WinterActionables.

Sprott Trusts

April 4, 2013

The premiums normally associated with Sprott physical metals trusts are virtually gone so I am going to swap the GLD and SLV etfs into the PHYS and PSLV. These trusts avoid some of the controversy involved in the GLD and SLV as outlined here.  In addition should prices take off again, these trusts tend to [...]

South Africa Facing Economic, Sovereign, Currency and Mining Collapse

April 3, 2013

Earlier this week I discussed Egypt as particularly ripe for economic collapse. The situation in the Union of South Africa is also particularly dicey. Exposure of its currency (ZAR) to large amounts of foreign “hot money” further adds to the impact.  Since 2009,  gross S. Africa public debt grew by about $80 billion, with half picked up by [...]

Are Precious Metals Stocks the True Bargain of This Market?

April 2, 2013

On Radio Free Wall Street, Lee Adler and I discussed my purchases of precious metals stocks, and why I think they’re a bargain. Lee looked at the technical side of the issue and laid out the key parameters that could signal the next big bull or bear move. Meanwhile, I think that Egypt is on the verge [...]

Silver Stress Tests

April 2, 2013

I picked up more silver on the drop in spot to the 27.50 (26.66 in the SLV). This takes me up to 5% of my capital in this instrument.  The Morris Hubbart chart below sets the stage for what I hope is the final shakeout. Europe retail is swooning led by France. Can’t be [...]

Into the Fray of Battle: The Launch of ‘The Great Deformation’

April 2, 2013

**Free Article**

I’ve been watching with interest how David Stockman’s new book, “The Great Deformation,” is being received. So far so good. The NY Times article published Sunday helped to propel it to the #2 bestseller on Amazon. Stockman did three excellent  interviews on Monday news programs, including this with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene. Keene, in my opinion, is a “real” financial journalist, a smart guy. Another good interview was on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Watching this battle unfold and reading comments in various forums like the NY Times, I’ve noticed  different stooge bloggers and other commentators (mostly ad hominem critics like Paul Krugman) step up to criticize. It’s a perfect illustration of how psych-ops work. The sistema must be concerned, as the dirty ops are out in force to counter  Stockman’s message. This is a blatant attempt to distract from and diminish the argument.

The message of the book is personalized and highly critical of the kleptocrats, banksters and apparatchiks responsible for the hijacking of the country. It was interesting today in the “Morning Joe” interview how Stockman did a survey of the good players in this story, such as Sheila Bair.  Perhaps this is a strategy to get others to speak out.  This is war and alliances will be needed.

I wrote about pysch-ops more than a year ago when I noticed an onslaught of strange comments related to the Occupy Wall Street movement. These tactics attempt to manipulate American discourse, particularly when anybody challenges the sistema, like Stockman is. We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto. I encourage you to post supportive comments in such articles to help offset the psych-ops’ noise.

The following article I previously wrote describes how to identify psych-ops:

All these schemes utilize black propaganda, aka “known lies.” I think there is a heavy emphasis on dirty tricks and psych-ops online. Much of it at this point may be coming from corporate and financial fascists.

I was going to post Mark Grant’s latest excellent piece on Greece in the comments section. But while scanning it, I noticed something that illustrates my point: The first two posters, “Gene Marchbanks” and “financial apoca.” The pysch-ops operation tip off is their out-of-place, intentionally toxic, illogically negative comments, their artificiality, and the fact that they were the first to post within mere minutes to ensure their comment is the first seen.

These operatives — not trolls, in the normal sense — often use words like “dude” in a disparaging way. Readers and writers have to be strong and independent to not be impacted by barrages. What difference does this make you ask? Nothing, in isolation, but an onslaught of it compounds to the point where readers will avoid sites and refuse to engage in healthy debate. I think the trick for them is mostly to demoralize people (Seligman theory) to make them feel helpless. Then they tune out and can be controlled.

To illustrate this concept, contrast it with the very challenging disagreements I get here sometimes on my Iran writings from “crimsonghost.” His comments are heartfelt and reflect his underlying anti-war belief system, and are clearly those of an actual engaged person. Pysch-operators are nothing like this. Their “comments” merely exhibit a very strange, Orwellian-like artificial intelligence. It’s like night and day.

The psychops’ method also divides and conquers. I saw that first hand at the Americans Elect delegate leader site, where the AE staff couldn’t seem to separate honest disagreements from the pysch-ops campaigns that were being waged against them elsewhere and would negatively and defensively react to anyone who offered challenging questions or constructive criticisms.

There was a huge amount of psych-ops activity online when OWS was getting underway. But the OWS sites seemed to adapt and counter it, which leads me to believe there is software out there to address this issue. And the psych-ops tend to show up frequently when online publications and newspapers publish something controversial, or anti-sistema. I’ve encountered some of this, but obviously someone like Mark Grant, who exposes the truth as well as anybody, is in the cross hairs and has at least two psych-operators working him over at any given time. I guess I need to graduate to a higher place to earn that honor. I’m working on it. Welcome to Orwell’s 2012.


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